Phonics Worksheets for Kids

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On Kiz School, you will find 167 pages of phonics teaching materials alongside handwriting and vocabulary practice.These materials are mostly in PDF format which means you need a free copy of acrobat reader to open. They were developed under other projects.

Table of Content

A - Z Phonics/ Handwriting

A - Z - Alphabet & Phonics Writing - 81 Pages

ABC - Alphabet Practice Worksheets

Aa - Zz - Phonics & Writing Worksheets

Consonant/Vowel Sounds

Consonant Sounds Practice Exercises - 45 Pages

Beginning Consonants Bb - Zz

  1. Beginning Consonant Sounds ActivityA
  2. Beginning Consonants Sounds ActivityB
  3. Beginning Consonant Sounds Game
  4. Beginning Consonants Croc Game
  5. Bb ball Worksheet
  6. Cc car Worksheet
  7. Dd dog Worksheet
  8. Ff fish Worksheet
  9. Gg goat Worksheet
  10. Hh hippo Worksheet
  11. Jj jet Worksheet
  12. Kk kite Worksheet
  13. Ll lion Worksheet
  14. Mm monkey Worksheet
  15. Nn nest Worksheet
  16. Pp penguin Worksheet
  17. Qq queen Worksheet
  18. Rr robot Worksheet
  19. Ss seal Worksheet
  20. Tt tortoise Worksheet
  21. Vv van Worksheet
  22. Ww water Worksheet
  23. Ww wolf Worksheet
  24. Xx X-ray Worksheet
  25. Yy yak Worksheet
  26. Zz zebra Worksheet

Consonant Digraphs, Trigraphs & Blends

  1. Beginning Consonant Digraphs
  2. Consonant blend R Blend Crossword
  3. Consonant L blends
  4. Consonant R blends Worksheet 1
  5. Consonant R blends Worksheet 2
  6. Consonant S blends Worksheet 1
  7. Consonant S blends Worksheet 2
  8. Ending Consonant Digraphs
  9. Trigrams Shr spl thr
  10. Trigrams Squ spr str scr
  11. Ending Double Consonants

Ending Consonant Sounds

  1. Ending Consonant Sounds ActivityA
  2. Ending Consonants Sounds ActivityB
  3. Ending Consonant Sounds Game
  4. Ending Consonants Croc Game
  5. Ending Consonants D G M
  6. Ending Consonants G M L T
  7. Ending D G M
  8. Ending Rug Dad Ham

Vowel Sounds Practice Exercises - 41 Pages

Beginning Short Vowels

  1. Beginning short vowel a
  2. Beginning short vowel e
  3. Beginning short vowel i
  4. Beginning short vowel o
  5. Beginning short vowel u

Middle Short Vowels

  1. Short Vowel a
  2. Short Vowel e
  3. Short Vowel i
  4. Short Vowel o
  5. Short Vowel u
  6. Middle Short Vowel Sounds Review
  7. Uu umbrella
  8. Words with a
  9. Words with e
  10. Words with i
  11. Words with o
  12. Words with u

Short Vowels Reading Mazes

  1. Short vowel A Man's cat reading
  2. Short vowel e Eddy and Hen reading
  3. Short vowel I Kim and the kitten
  4. Short vowel O Foxy Fox
  5. Short vowel U Bug under my rug

Long Vowels & Sentence Practice

  1. Long Vowel a Worksheet
  2. Long Vowels a Worksheet
  3. Long Vowel e Worksheet
  4. Long Vowel i Worksheet
  5. Long Vowel i Worksheet
  6. Long Vowel o Worksheet
  7. Long Vowel u Worksheet

Long Vowels Reading Mazes

  1. Long vowel A Kate and the Snake
  2. Long Vowel E Let's go Green
  3. Long Vowel I My Kite Flies High
  4. Long vowel O Old Joe's Coat
  5. Long Vowel U My huge cube

Long and Short Vowels Review

  1. Middle Vowels Game
  2. Rhyming pairs

Assorted Vowel Sound Worksheets

  1. Aa ant
  2. Ee eggs
  3. Ii ice cream
  4. Oo octopus
  5. Man's cat writing