Board Games for ESL Classrooms

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There are 58 Board Games in this pack, designed to help in Communicative Grammar and Vocabulary Practice. Follow the links below to access these files in PDF format. Each board game has tips and rules on how to play. To create your own board games, click on a board game icon on the right and edit the template. You must have Ms Office.These materials are mostly in PDF format which means you need a free copy of acrobat reader to open. There are templates and a video tutorial on how to edit and use. Note that some of these games cover skills beyond our main course.

Grammar Board Games

Vocabulary Board Games


ESL Board Games Tutorials

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Game Tools : Before You Play!

You need dice and chips to play these games. The 6-sided cube dice is recommended. This may be the only thing you need to get from the stores.

You also need round chips of different colours for different teams. You can simply cut out the footballs and use. Click on the image below to download the sheet.

Rocks, Paper, Scissors Explained

Many games require Rocks, Paper & Scissors hand actions to decide who wins a bet. What does that actually mean? Look at the image below: