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Question About Kiz School
This page will help answer questions about becoming a member and  how the membership system works.
If you have any further questions, check our FAQ Index first, and if you can't find an answer, Contact  us!

Becoming a Member

It's really easy to become a member! You'll find all the details about joining us in the FAQ below.

If  you can't find an answer, get in touch with us!

  • What are the benefits of joining Kiz School?

Our members are given unlimted access to all our materials including updates.  For teachers this will make your teaching a lot easier and you can find time for other things. For parents & Home Schoolers, this is a cheap alternative to expensive language schools. For Schools, we are a full course or simply the supplement your teaching staff have been looking for.

  • How much does membership cost?

It's just $39 for 6 months and $59 per year for single user access.
Bulk or School membership is also available but price is determined by a variety of factors, so Contact Us for this solution. Remember to tell us how many people will use this access and for how long.
You account does not automatically renew, but we will send you an email a few days before it expires and offer a discount coupon.

  • Which countries can join Kiz School?

Every country that is covered by Paypal.  Paypal is a safe online payment company for both buyer and vendor, hence the reason we chose this solution. Paypal accepts payments from many countries across the globe and is working to add more.

  • What if my country is not among Paypal supported countries?

Contact a friend in one of the many supported countries and ask them to pay for you.  Let them make a note whom the payment is for? 

  • What currency do you accept payments in?

Do not worry if your local currency is not US dollars. Your credit card company will automatically convert it for you.

  • Do I get access to new updates?

Yes all members have access to new updates, but we only inform those who join our mailing list about what has been updated.



Video Tutorials - Practical English Lessons

These videos are designed to help anybody teach English Vocabulary, Sentences and Structure. Creatively presented in the most straightforward manner, understanding is guaranteed. Lessons are arranged by levels. Unsure what level your kids should learn? We have placement tests to help judge the levels to start with.

PowerPoint Lessons

For computer-assisted teaching and learning with interactive whiteboards, you have got our editable PPT lessons. These lessons on powerpoint will serve the experienced and inexperienced teachers well. Designed to teach Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Patterns and Reading, our PPTs are simply better than anything you have ever seen. Our visually appealing PPTs help to vividly present the language and also optimize memory of new language.
Free Sample PPt: - Colors Lesson - Fruits Lesson - Jobs Lesson

Interactive Fun Games & Exercises

Every lesson comes with interactive games and exercises for further practice of the language presented in the video tutorials. These exercises are carefully designed to appeal to all learning types - Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic Learners especially. For classroom teaching we have provided lots of games in the supplementary materials area.
Samples: Flip Cards Game, Labeling Exercise, Catch-Match, eBook

Printable Worksheets

There are over 600 high quality printable PDF to print for use in your lessons. Print and take to class for use with the lessons. There are Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Board Games,Quizzes, Card Games, Text Mazes and more for reading, vocabulary, grammar and the teaching of key English Expressions.
Samples: Body Parts, Phonics, Text Maze, Handwriting


Printable Flashcards

Every unit comes with a set of flashcards to go with it. The flashcards are in PDF format and are delivered in small and large sizes. The flashcards go hand in hand with the topics .
Body Parts Small Flashcards, Body Parts Big Flashcards

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Privacy Policy

 At Kiz School, we understand that your privacy is very important.
We do not pass on to third parties any identifiable information about our users. If you submit your email address, it will NEVER be given or sold to a third party.

Kiz School has an opt-in newsletter, which is delivered by email. Users who subscribe to this newsletter can cancel the registration from any main page of or by following instructions which are sent to all new subscribers by email.

If you have any questions regarding your privacy on this website, please contact us at
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