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Kizschool.com is a product of EduTerials Limited, a Hong Kong registered company, founded by Futonge N. Kisito, simply referred to as Kisi. EduTerials Limited, under the pioneering guidance of Kisi, has been the author of several ESL/EFL content on the web. Kisi himself has spent 8 years, teaching English in China. Some 4 million users access Kisi's  sites every year to use his materials. Based on this experience, Kisi started work on Kizschool.com with the goal of creating a site with content that sets it apart from many others out there.
Kizschool.com is the result of many years of experience in Teaching EFL/EFL Young Learners. It is a Simple, Cost-Effective , Practical, and Highly Efficient teaching solution for Schools, Parents and Teachers of English for Young Learners. It was designed to accomodate all kinds of needs.

  • Are you a school looking for a complete and well-structured course to follow?
  • Are you a teacher looking for teaching materials to spice the boring school curriculum?
  • Are you a parent who wants to do some serious homeschooling for your kid(s)?
  • Are you simply an Educator looking for some affordable, easy-to-follow, yet highly effective ESL Course for Young Learners?
  • Are you looking for a homework study lab for your students?

If you fall into any of the four categories, then Kizschool.com is right for you.

Meet the Team

Kisi (Kisito Futonge): Kisi came to China is 2002 and has had extensive teaching experience across China since then. He is simply a language enthusiasts who likes teaching and learning other languages. This explains why he is a fluent speaker of other languages like Mandarin, French & a couple of West African Languages. His language foundation was set at school where he studied complex languages like Latin and French. Kisi's development of language content does not end with English. He is the author of www.chinese-ilab.com an excellent website for beginner learners of Chinese.

So, where did this love for education originate? Well, Kisi comes from a family of teachers. Dad, mum, big brother are teachers of languages. Kisi's follower Jude, is a university lecturer with a firm grasp of English and French.

The family background was further complemented by his 5 year studies in a Catholic minor seminary where Kisi learnt to combine academics with good morals. He is an honest, dedicated and highly passionate teacher who leaves a lasting impression on all his students.

Kisi's Works : Esl-galaxy.com , Eslkidslab.com , English-4kids.com , Esltower.com, Englishmedialab.com, Chinesefortravel.com, Download-esl.com, Chinese-ilab.com , Kizschool.com

Nani : Nani was more than pleased to offer her expertise. She has a degree in Education and has been teaching in USA & China for over 13 years. She is the sweet voice in the recordings. She brought invaluable suggestions during work on this project that resulted in much improved quality.

Kristen: Kristen has a wide travel and teaching experience from US to Africa, Latin America and now China. She brings in 7 years of very diverse education experience to the team. Her criticisms and suggestions helped to greatly improve the quality of our work.

Zoey Liu: Zoey has had four years of experience working with kids in Shenzhen China. Her constructive criticisms helped us see our work from several different perspectives.

Video Tutorials - Practical English Lessons

These videos are designed to help anybody teach English Vocabulary, Sentences and Structure. Creatively presented in the most straightforward manner, understanding is guaranteed. Lessons are arranged by levels. Unsure what level your kids should learn? We have placement tests to help judge the levels to start with.

PowerPoint Lessons

For computer-assisted teaching and learning with interactive whiteboards, you have got our editable PPT lessons. These lessons on powerpoint will serve the experienced and inexperienced teachers well. Designed to teach Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Patterns and Reading, our PPTs are simply better than anything you have ever seen. Our visually appealing PPTs help to vividly present the language and also optimize memory of new language.
Free Sample PPt: - Colors Lesson - Fruits Lesson - Jobs Lesson

Interactive Fun Games & Exercises

Every lesson comes with interactive games and exercises for further practice of the language presented in the video tutorials. These exercises are carefully designed to appeal to all learning types - Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic Learners especially. For classroom teaching we have provided lots of games in the supplementary materials area.
Samples: Flip Cards Game, Labeling Exercise, Catch-Match, eBook

Printable Worksheets

There are over 600 high quality printable PDF to print for use in your lessons. Print and take to class for use with the lessons. There are Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Board Games,Quizzes, Card Games, Text Mazes and more for reading, vocabulary, grammar and the teaching of key English Expressions.
Samples: Body Parts, Phonics, Text Maze, Handwriting


Printable Flashcards

Every unit comes with a set of flashcards to go with it. The flashcards are in PDF format and are delivered in small and large sizes. The flashcards go hand in hand with the topics .
Body Parts Small Flashcards, Body Parts Big Flashcards

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