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Question About Kiz School
This page will help answer questions about Kiz School and  how the membership system works.
If you have any further questions, check our FAQ Index first, and if you can't find an answer, Contact  us!

What is Kiz School?
Kiz School is an online English Learning and Teaching Site for ESL/EFL Kids, Parents and Teachers. It contains Rich Interactive  Media for Learners and Printable Worksheets, Flashcards and Powerpoint Presentations for Teaching. The materials are structured as courses, broken down into levels and units. There is a rich supplementary materials section to support the courses.  Kiz School can be used as a full course or simply a site where teachers and learners go to supplement and aid learning.
Check out the FREE SAMPLES.
Who is Kiz School for?
Kiz School is designed to meet the needs of several kinds of English teaching and learning environments. The materials are suitable for Young Learners between the ages of 3 - 14 :
a)  School English Teachers: English Teachers (both experienced and new) can save loads of  lesson planning time by joining Kiz School.  We offer over 1600 Printables, over 100 Powerpoint Presentations, over 250 Interactive Games and Quizzes and 60 Video Tutorials for Creative Presenting of new Language. 
b) Home Schoolers : Excellent for parents of  kids who want a cheaper alternative to expensive language schools. You can simply use Kiz School to teach kids at home even if you are not a professional. Kiz School is broken down into Levels and Units. Each unit is loaded with a variety of resources for learner and teacher.  There are placement and level tests to measure level and progress of students.
c) Private Tutoring: Who said you can't make much money teaching English? Did you know that many ESL/EFL teachers, can make more money teaching part time or full time at home rather than working for  language centers or schools?  Some teachers start private classes in their apartments, along side their main job, or simply teach full time at home and get paid more. Others go to meet kids in their homes. We are your solution. With Kiz School,  we can turn you into a one person mobile language school by provide the course for you to follow, with all the materials you need. Your customers will keep coming back.
d) Schools: Right now, there are a dozen schools across the globe using Kiz School as their main language course. However, school licenses come under a different agreement. Contact us for more information.
What kind of materials are offered?
a) Lesson Plan in PDF Format - This is a suggested lesson plan with ideas on how to teach the unit. Experienced teachers need not stick to it.
b) Video Tutorials in Flash Format.
c) Self-grading Games & Quizzes in Flash Format : Fun practice, Kids love games.
d) Animated Powerpoint Lessons with embedded audio in some cases. This is not the regular boring powerpoint. Our PPT makes lessons come alive. They took hours to plan and create. Some PPT Lessons took 48 hours to plan and build.
e) Printable Worksheets: Crossword,  Coloring, Word Search, Text Mazes, Scrambles, Spelling Exercises, Handwriting Exercises, Gap Fills, Matching Exercises, Labeling Exercises and more. They help develop  motor skills, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary.
f) Flashcards: Colorful well categorized flashcards both Big-sized and Small-sized.

Can I see what's inside?
Seeing is believing! Yes, watch this video tour of the membership area or check the samples to get an idea.
What kind of learner types are the materials suitable for?
When we design materials we think about the different kinds of learners out there and try to cover every one.
a) Visual Learner: The visual learner is a student who needs to see to learn and remember. Seeing is an easy way to teach them.
b) The Auditory Learner: This kind of learner needs to hear things. Seeing is not enough to help them fully remember what was taught.
c) Kinesthetic Learner: This kind of learner needs to touch, feel and write to remember. They need to have a very close experience with the subject in order to learn.
Take for example this Flip Cards exercise : The visual learner will see a picture of the vocabulary or sentence to click. The auditory learner will see and hear what they clicked. The kinesthetic learner will see, click(touch) and hear the audio of the the picture. This will engage all the five senses and improve memory.

Can I photocopy the Worksheets & Flashcards?
Yes, you can print and photocopy the worksheets and flashcards for use in your teaching. However, by downloading these worksheets & Flashcards,  you agree to abide by the following rules:
Copyright for the materials remains with Kiz School. They must not be resold. Materials cannot be redistributed by email or uploaded onto other web sites / servers. You may also not claim authorship of these materials.
Can I download the Powerpoint?
Yes, you can download the powerpoint presentations as long as you abide by the rules:
a) You may not lend, sell or give to someone. They are for use in teaching only by the account holder.
b) Uploading to other websites and servers is stictly prohibited.
Can I download the videos and interactive games?
No, you may NOT download Videos and Interactive Games & Quizzes. Interactive rich media contents are not meant to be downloaded.
Do you regularly update content?
Yes we do. We never stop working to add content.


Video Tutorials - Practical English Lessons

These videos are designed to help anybody teach English Vocabulary, Sentences and Structure. Creatively presented in the most straightforward manner, understanding is guaranteed. Lessons are arranged by levels. Unsure what level your kids should learn? We have placement tests to help judge the levels to start with.

PowerPoint Lessons

For computer-assisted teaching and learning with interactive whiteboards, you have got our editable PPT lessons. These lessons on powerpoint will serve the experienced and inexperienced teachers well. Designed to teach Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Patterns and Reading, our PPTs are simply better than anything you have ever seen. Our visually appealing PPTs help to vividly present the language and also optimize memory of new language.
Free Sample PPt: - Colors Lesson - Fruits Lesson - Jobs Lesson

Interactive Fun Games & Exercises

Every lesson comes with interactive games and exercises for further practice of the language presented in the video tutorials. These exercises are carefully designed to appeal to all learning types - Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic Learners especially. For classroom teaching we have provided lots of games in the supplementary materials area.
Samples: Flip Cards Game, Labeling Exercise, Catch-Match, eBook

Printable Worksheets

There are over 600 high quality printable PDF to print for use in your lessons. Print and take to class for use with the lessons. There are Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Board Games,Quizzes, Card Games, Text Mazes and more for reading, vocabulary, grammar and the teaching of key English Expressions.
Samples: Body Parts, Phonics, Text Maze, Handwriting


Printable Flashcards

Every unit comes with a set of flashcards to go with it. The flashcards are in PDF format and are delivered in small and large sizes. The flashcards go hand in hand with the topics .
Body Parts Small Flashcards, Body Parts Big Flashcards

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