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Spin off ESL Games

Spin off - Let the big wheel turn and students answer questions in teams. Resizable groups. Can be customized to suit both classroom and individual learning. Put students into teams and play or simply choose single player option. 

Low Level Games 

Medium/High Level Games

Jeopardy Quiz Show ESL Games

This jeopardy quiz show rocks! The teacher puts students into teams represented by different characters and play. Students earn points, 100 - 500 for questions answered. Choose a topics and proceed. Excellent but not limited to review.

Easy Level Games

Medium/High Level Games

Billionaire ESL Games

Win billions by answering questions. Can be played in groups of two or choose single player option for self-study. Very flexible for use in the classroom. Teachers can enter points, deduct points and change teams according to different questions. 

Easy Level Billionaire Games

Medium/High Level Billionaire Games

Show Down ESL Games

A question is asked and the team has a few seconds to tell the answer. If they give the correct answer, the teacher reveals it and enter points according to the answer. Students compete in teams and win.

Easy Level Show Down Games

Medium to High Level Show Down Games

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